Schools That Actually Prepare You for Your Stint in a Family Jewelry Store

The more I look into jewelry businesses, the more I realize that jewelry is usually a family affair. My interest in jewelry was not spurred by a family business so I have not had the…pleasure (insert winking smiley face here) of working with any family members.

I recently came across an article from entitled “Schools That Actually Prepare You for Your Stint in a Family Jewelry Store”. The article discusses colleges, such as Auburn University, that have programs and courses set up to address the issue of working alongside your family. You never know when you are going to marry into a family business or end up working with a sibling, so it would be great to see these courses become more popular and included in more business programs or college curriculum in the future.

I would love to one day have my own business and I always picture working alongside those that I love. I’d like to think I ‘d still love them (and they’d still love me!) throughout it all, but I can only imagine the obstacles we would face, and the obstacles those in this situation currently are facing.

Anyone out there currently run a family business, or work alongside their family members? How do you handle uncomfortable situations with family members? I’d love to hear your comments!

The URL to the article can be found here: Complexities-Cartoon


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