Cinch Mounts – Show Off Your Cabochon in the Front and the Back!

I’ve been on a hunt lately to figure out how to make a double sided bezel. I like making necklace pendants, but since necklaces tend to flip and flop, I’d prefer to show the stone on both sides.

I recently watched this awesome tutorial on youtube by Soham Harrison  which shows how to make your own  “double” bezel using fine silver bezel wire. It’s called a double bezel because you have to bezel/burnish the both sides – double the work.

This was pretty darn close to what I was looking for, but I was hoping for something just a tad simpler. So I kept searching, and I found this mounting on RioGrande.

Cinch Mount

It’s called a “cinch mounting”. Finger’s crossed that it works as easily as it does in my head! I’m going to give it a try on my new Sodalite cab I made at the Houston Gem and Mineral Society (HGMS) last week. If it does, you may not see me for a while. Unless you frequent the lapidary studio at the HGMS!

Have you ever made a cinch bezel from your own wire? I’d love tips/tricks/advice!


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