I love making memory wire bracelets but when I was selling them at the Palafox Market in Pensacola, Fl (the good ol’ days), some customers had trouble putting the bracelets on. I thought I would make this extremely short and to the point video of how to do just that. I like to keep my videos very basic so there is no fancy editing in this-or words. I did a lot of jewelry tutorial watching in grad school and I would always skip over the introductions and keep the video on mute (so I didn’t get caught). I just wanted to SEE what I needed to do. So that is how I plan to create any other tutorials I do in the future. No sounds, no words….maybe text once I learn to edit. (I realize I am being over simplistic, but that’s just my nature). So anyway, here’s a 50 second mute video for how to put on and take of a memory wire bracelet! Hope it comes in handy for someone! By the way, even though it may look easy, it took 5 takes before I could get my hand in there right on camera…I don’t work well under pressure.

I’ve noticed some “likes” on the photos of my memory wire bracelets on my facebook page (www.facebook.com/Andread.Designs) so I wanted to share a tutorial in case anyone was interested in making their own.

*Things to keep in mind*

Choose the “Oval” shaped memory wire-It works better as a bracelet than the “Round” memory wire.

Too many large and/or heavy beads may weigh the bracelet down and cause it to sag on your wrist.

Choose how many layers you want and cut the beginning and end of your bracelet so that the ends meet in the back and don’t interfere with the focal point or front of your bracelet.

To keep your sanity, be careful and patient when opening the memory wire package and when you are sliding the beads down so that you don’t twist the wires (you know, like what happened to your slinky when you were a kid).


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